Fly Fishing in Scotland

If you’re passionate about fishing then Edinburgh is sure to satisfy your angling desires: with some of the best fly fishing locations in the whole of Scotland.

With salmon fishing, sea fishing, loch fishing and fishing in the River Tay to enjoy, Edinburgh and the wider central Scotland area are packed with fantastic facilities and superb venues.

You could try the Allandale Tarn Fishery, renowned for a large number of flies and insects that make it ideal for dry fly and nymph fishing; Crosswood Fishery, which is always well stocked with Blue Trout and Rainbow Trout; Parkley Fishery, which is set amid the beautiful Bathgate Hills and is known for its Rainbow and Brown Trout; or what about Morten Fishery, set in a woodland 900ft above sea level with a variety of fly fishing options available.

Whatever type of fishing you enjoy, Edinburgh represents a perfect starting point with the luxury apartments at 123 Royal Mile providing a central location from which to reach all options and relax in style after a long day reeling in the latest catch.