The National Museum of Scotland

Recently refurbished and extended, the National Museum of Scotland now houses a truly world class collection of more than 20,000 exhibits to entrance and enthral any visitor, young or old.

Arranged in 36 themed galleries with 80% of the objects on display being shown for the first time since the museum’s reopening, this fascinating and infinitely diverse collection caters for every conceivable taste from pre-history and the natural world to the cultural artefacts of ancient civilisations, from the development of science and technology to art and design and, of course, the long and turbulent history of Scotland and its people.

There can be few museums in the world that can offer such a rich variety of exhibits under one roof, where the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex does not seem out of place alongside the specimen collection of Charles Darwin or the thousands of rare objects in the museum’s magnificent Egyptology exhibition.

With so much to see and major new exhibitions being mounted at regular intervals during the year, it’s well worth taking the short walk from 123 High Street to keep exploring the museum’s many wonders, time and time again.