Science Festival

The International Science Festival is Edinburgh’s first major festival of the year with a busy schedule of events running through March and April.

Established in 1989, it pioneered the concept of a multi-event science festival dedicated to opening up the exciting world of science and technology for the education and entertainment of the general public and remains one of the largest explorations of popular science in Europe to this day.

Designed to make science fun – especially for children as the budding scientists of tomorrow – it offers a fascinating programme of exhibitions, talks, tours, workshops and shows amounting to over 200 events spread across a variety of indoor and outdoor venues throughout the city.

Closest to the superb new development at 123 High Street, principal venues include the City Art Centre, The National Museum of Scotland, Our Dynamic Earth, the Festival Theatre, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Appleton Tower in the George Square complex of the University of Edinburgh.